Saturday 23 March 2019

Why Do Men Cheat? Can a Sex Robot Really Save a Marriage?

Being cheated on is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. It makes them feel unattractive, unwanted, and unloved. It’s important to understand why someone would cheat. For men, the primary reason they cheat is sex. Sometimes a man can stop seeing his partner as a sex object after she gives birth, seeing her instead as a more maternal figure. Men in long-term relationships may feel that the sex has become routine and mechanical. They’re just going through the motions. This can leave them wanting to try having sex with someone else to satisfy the need for physical and sexual adventure. Of course, some men cheat simply to see if they could have sex with someone other than their partner. Their male ego and need to prove themselves can lead to infidelity.
One way to possibly stop men cheating is to introduce a sex robot into the relationship. A sex robot can be there to allow a man to fulfil his sexual needs if his wife isn’t “in the mood”. A lot of women are against the idea of sex robots in general, much less introducing one into their relationship, but they are coming and they are coming soon. Advances in sexual science, soft plastics, and artificial intelligence has paved the way for the creation of “robots” that feel like the real thing. If we know one thing about humans, and particularly men, it’s that they’ll have sex with anything that they can.
So what separates a robot and a masturbation aid like a fleshlight? It’s an interesting question to ask. Most people aren’t against their partner masturbating unless it detracts from the quality of their own life. Lots of people have dildos and the common sense to not leave them lying around. Why is it so wrong to use a machine?

Let’s look at what a “robot” is. A robot is defined as something that can automatically perform a complex series of actions. That describes sex to a point. This definition doesn’t take into account the appearance of a robot either. We all think that sex robots are likely to be human in appearance, but maybe they wouldn’t be. It could be little more than a fleshlight with some intelligence.
Even with all of that, the onus is on the human to do most of the work. What makes sex robots so appealing is the idea that they will be a responsive partner rather than just a penis receptacle. recently announced a line of actual sex robots complete with dialogue modules that allow them to talk and respond to stimuli to let you know how much pleasure they’re feeling. They also look like real women.
There’s more to sex than genital stimulation. Arousal primarily happens in the brain rather than the groin. This means sex robots are going to have to arouse their partner and keep them aroused, and this could be what has people so freaked out.

Sex dolls tend to come with ridiculous curves and smooth skin, essentially a hyper-exaggeration of the female form. It’s no wonder that women are having trouble dealing with men turning to the “ideal” woman that will never age when they already deal with a culture telling them they aren’t good enough and no one will ever love them if they aren’t just right.
Some of the women we’ve talked to appear to be comfortable with their men having sex with machines, but problems arise if they are aroused by them. The reality is that it’s impossible to have sex, or even masturbate, without being aroused though. This emotional hurdle will likely be the biggest and hardest step to social acceptance of sex robots.
There’s something else to consider; men are constantly being aroused by women they aren’t in relationships with. This is a biological response and it doesn’t mean we don’t love our wives. Most men have o problem disconnecting love and lust. Marriage is great for fulfilling romantic love, but it sometimes falls a little short on fulfilling sexual love.
The way to accept sex robots and make them into Sex Robot for sale something more positive is to accept that sexual satisfaction and romantic love are not mutually exclusive. Sexuality isn’t something that can just be turned off. It’s a continuum and it can be difficult to find a partner with the same level of sexual desire as you. This is made more difficult because of the way sex drives change as we get older and our hormone balance shifts.

A survey from iVillage showed that 35% of men were “in the mood” when taking the survey, compared to just 11% of women. 57% of women also said that they had sex out of obligation. No one could find obligation sexy. Having unmatched sexual drives can cause problems in a relationship. Most couples aren’t able to freely talk about their sexual needs, which is why people are pushed to finding sexual satisfaction without their partner. The main outlets for this are extramarital sex and pornography.
The most interesting thing about sex robots is that they occupy a space somewhere between these two outlets. A robot externalizes physically masturbating onto “someone else” but it doesn’t involve an actual human being with their own desires. It’s more than masturbation, but not quite sex.
Having sex with a robot is different from an affair in that it will never be anything more than just a form of assisted masturbation. A man isn’t going to develop feelings for a sex robot and he’s definitely not about to leave his wife for one. They are simply there to take some of the sexual obligation away.
Let’s be honest and admit that several factors outside of just a mutual sexual attraction keep a marriage going .There are things like raising kids, satisfying emotional needs and financial security, and plenty of other important and valid factors.
Everything in this world changes and marriage is no exception. One should always keep an open mind about these things and be willing to change with the times. Who knows what will be considered the norm five years from now?

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