Monday 22 July 2019

The trend of online Qurbani (sacrifice) is gaining popularity day by day in all over the world. Many people prefer online booking of Qurbani rather than going to Cattle markets and buying animals and then taking care of them this is difficult work.
'Online Qurbani' service an appropriate method of buying Qurbani 'Islam Freedom' is the best religious organization that gives appropriate and perfect online Qurbani services. Islam Freedom provides complete information such as prices, pictures, and videos of different animals. This is the best way according to the customer's demand to buy sacrificial animals or have a share in one. People don't have to bargain on rates and run around to find a beautiful and healthy animal. This is a suitable way that helps thousands of people.
Islam freedom does great duty and helps many people to perform religious obligation an easy way.' Islam Freedom' providing this service for many years.
Qurbani Prices,
These are the perfect prices of animals on Islam Freedom 'Qurbani' services
£50 for 1/7 share of a Cow 
£60 for 1/7 share of a Cow *Most Needed 
£75 for Qurbani of Sheep/Goat 
£90 for Qurbani Sheep/Goat *Most Needed 
£110 for 1/7 share of a Camel (Holy Makkah) 
£115 for Qurbani Sheep (Holy Makkah) 
£130 for Qurbani Cooked Sheep/Goat *Most Needed 
£350 for Qurbani Whole Cow 
£420 for Qurbani Whole Cow *Most Needed 
£530 for Qurbani Cooked Whole Cow *Most Needed 
£595 for Qurbani Beautiful Big Whole Cow 
£675 for Qurbani Beautiful Big Whole Cow *Most Needed 
£750 for Qurbani Whole Camel (Holy Makkah) 
£195 for Qurbani Sheep (UK Home Delivery)
Camel Qurbani, camel sacrifice is very popular among all the world, most people give camel Qurbani on the religious occasion of Qurbani. Islam Freedom gives affordable prices of camel such as whole camel Qurbani; in Holy Makkah for £750.
Every Muslim must perform Qurbani, The only exceptions are as follows,
*Those who do not possess 52.5 tolas of silver or the wealth equivalent
*Those not of sound mind
*Those who have not yet reached and passed puberty
*Those who are traveling and are more than the Shari distance from home (approximately 40-45 kilometers
You are permitted to donate Qurbani on behalf of other people, including those who have passed away. However, you are not expected to provide Qurbani animals on behalf of your children.
These are some beautiful rules of Islam because Islam is the religion of peace and love and ''Islam Freedom Qurbani'' depicts the true picture of Islam through their best services which show their devotion to Islam.

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