Thursday 13 June 2019

Benefits Of Using Ceramic Ferrule For Stud Welding

Looking for ferrule options, you cannot go wrong with ceramic ferrules which is possibly the best in the industry so far, seeing highest adoption rates across all manufacturing industries.
Stud welding is found in almost every manufacturing industry especially involving metals. It is ideal for reinforcement, sealing and joining process between two pieces. Ferrules are cap-like structures that are used in the process of welding, most often automatic arc welding machines. These ferrules come in various types like threaded and non-threaded. The benefits of choosing ceramic ferruleover metal or other materials are,
  • Durable: Ceramics are highly durable materials for welding purposes. In most use cases, the ceramic ferrule is an electrode for the welding, which ensures its reliability. Usage of ceramics has a long life and is non-reactive to almost any substance even at the highest ceramic ferrules temperatures during the welding process.
  • Customizability: Ceramics are not easy to manufacture but making one of any dimensions is possible. You can get ceramic ferrules to fit in any stud or arc welding assembly or even get a custom ceramic ferrule manufactured right for you.
  • Shielding: materials used in ceramic ferrules are highly shock resistant and have very high heat resistance. Hence, it offers the right amount of shielding between the welding setup and the operator.
  • Minimize Flux: You might have known the effects of welding exposed to atmospheric gases and impurities. The precise make of ceramic ferrules, moisture proofing ability and the lower expansion coefficient of ceramics offer and excellent sealing of external elements making the welding process go undisturbed as intended.
  • Reduce Arc Blow: During the process of welding, the ferrules are subjected to intense heat and expansion of the molten metal. However, ceramic ferrules are capable of concentration and stabilization of the arc, thereby containing most of the arc blow.
  • Molding: With ceramic ferrule in place, casting is easy as it draws the molten substance from the weld pool as intended still supporting the weld pool.
  • Escaping Molten Gases: It is the commonly asked question of how do the molten gases escape the tightly sealed ceramic ferrules. The gases escape through fillet vents. Fillets are forms of molten metal that are molded.
However, the weld stud ferrules are not that common and cost a bit higher than ferrules of alternative materials, the list of benefits outweighs the small difference in cost.
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