Saturday 27 April 2019

How Your Peppermint or Braava Automatic Ground Clean Can Function Like in the Commercial

If you have heard about the automatic floor mops called Braava and Mint you have to know they are the exact same thing. Progress Robotics is the business that made Mint. It was later acquired by iRobot. The latter offered Mint for a while and today transformed their title to Braava. It's the same old Mint with a brand new name. Their rates don't differ either. And Mint is currently offered yet again with the title Progress Robotics attached to it.
If you expect your Mint or Braava to perform like usually the one available you've to adjust the process a bit. You will see how to do it below.
Mint (Braava) employs two types of cleaning fabrics for its two cleaning modes. The white fabrics are to be used dry in SWEEP mode. This is the mode you see used available wherever Mint (Braava) is moving in straight lines and it looks as though the path washed by the robot is shining and wet. But that shining hygiene will not happen if Mint (Braava) is used in carry mode. It may happen if you utilize the damp blue fabrics in MOP mode. But then the robot will not move in great straight lines but instead back-forth for greater cleaning. This will slow it, of course.
To be able to produce Mint (Braava) move in straight lines with damp material you should just put the damp blue material very tightly on their station (the tank one) and utilize robot floor mop the SWEEP mode. The tightness can be achieved by flip one part of the material inwards somewhat; if it sticks out of the velcro pieces it disrupts the detectors in the center of the pad. Don't fill the tank station if your floors are rather clean. If the blue material becomes also damp the robot begins to battle and can not transfer further.
Cleaning with dry material in carry mode is a lot more like obtaining dirt and pet-hair and pressing them around. It is fantastic if you have plenty of these and want them piled-up for easy elimination but also for hair-free floors the damp material is significantly better.
For best effects:
Do not damp the white fabrics which are designed to be utilized dry with the multi-purpose station in carry mode. The generator will not have the ability to transfer Mint properly.
If you want to use damp material in carry mode: flip inwards the blue material when connecting it to the velcro strip on the tank pad. This ensures that the material is pulled tight and will not fall back-forth to restrict the robot's clean movement.
Wash the blue material after each room.
Do not fill the tank of the tank station if your floors are not protected with soil or pet-hair. If the material is also damp the robot cannot transfer properly.
Remove as much items from the ground as possible. Too many chairs will truly confuse Mint and it will miss spots.
Mint does a fantastic work mopping floors with moderate number of dust and no big particles.
It's calm and rapidly, and can be utilized in every rug-free aspects of the house.

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